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Custom or OEM jigsaw puzzle applications by Mad Dog DigitalMad Dog Digital can produce your unique, custom puzzle application that can be used as giveaways for corporate identity programs, product promotion or brand name reinforcement & recognition programs. Possible features can include outbound advertising only, or advertising and communicating (both inbound and outbound) with your customers via the included advertising framework.

Turnkey solutions for any budget
Our packages are fully featured and can include silent installation routines (no user interaction required), that install & update the application on the customers computer, including full & complete uninstallers.

Mad Dog Digital Puzzle Software packages can be developed as white label or fully branded in your name and colors. Highly distributable, they can be delivered via on-line delivery methods (such as direct download), on traditional CD/DVD media or custom media such as USB drives, memory sticks, flash drives or other media.

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