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All Mad Dog Puzzles have a Comodo Signed Certificate!
Comodo Signed Certificate

Dear puzzle friends,

In order to provide you with a more streamlined experience, we have added an Software Signing Certificate to all of our puzzles on this website. This Certificate will ensure that the free digital puzzles you download from our websites are 100% authentic and original!

False reports from Anti-virus software
Due to the several false-reports from the AntiVirus companies such as Trend Micro antivirus software, we've decided that in order to protect our investment and protect our integrity, certifying all of our programs & puzzles with a Comodo Signed Certificate is the only way to go.

What is a Code Signing Certificate?
A Code Signing Certificate acts like shrink-wrap for our products. Using a highly encrypted key, we digitally sign all of our software. It is nearly impossible to forge a Code Signing Certificate, thus when you get a Code Signed puzzle download from Mad Dog Puzzles, it is exactly the same as when we created it. No middle man has inserted any malicious code, no one has produced a knock-off, look alike.

Where can I locate this Code Signing Certificate?
After downloading, you can click on the installer file with your right mouse button and select the "Digital Signatures" tab. There you will see our Code Certificate, guaranteeing the authenticity of the file!

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